Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roger Morneau

A Trip Into the Supernatural: Roger Morneau was involved in demon worship, lived in that world for many months, and escaped alive. He is able to give us inside information about it. It does not conform with popular notes of who parttakes and what the activities are. Roger was elected to be a member of an elite group of demon worshipers. When he was about to be permanently initiated he asked for help from higher powers to leave it alive. Interview with the famous author of the book titled the same.


Listen to a GREAT interview with Roger Morneau conducted by Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts. This is another jaw-dropping testimony of Mr. Morneau's where he goes deep into his past of Spirit Worship, and how he ultimately came to Salvation through a life long friend he met at work.

A very beautiful interview with the late Roger Morneau. A man who will always be remembered for his dedication, and LOVE for The Word of God.

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  1. he is still a spiritualist